What is artSWEEP?

The only mobile app that enables anyone to curate public images, into inspirational art.

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For people who appreciate the visual world:

artSWEEP is the visual creative fertilizer for your daily routine. Join-in, on the coolest art revolution since oil paint and discover millions of awesome public images on the web. Instantly evaluate artists, agencies and brands anonymously by simply swiping like, OR don't like. It doesn't post on your social walls and there is no need for comments. Just swipe and enjoy constant creative inspiration.

For Artists, Brands and Agencies:

Get your designs and sketches on artSWEEP, and see what the world thinks of your work in just a few seconds. artSWEEP is your personal gateway to crowd sourced focus grouping of what people like or don't like about anything visual you create. Contact us below to get your promo-code and info on how to join.


The artSWEEP app gives credit to creative talent across millions of inspirational public websites and portfolios. We strive to deliver fresh cool images daily, covering digital design, fine art, fashion design, photography, architecture, concept art, industrial design and many more visual industries. Get it, install it and use it. It's awesome and it's free. You are helping creative people get a ton of justified exposure.

Curator Defined:

A manager or overseer. Curators are defined as content specialists responsible for an institution's or museum's collection of works, typically involved with the interpretation of heritage material and appreciation of art. With great care comes great responsibility... Choose wisely.

artSWEEP is blowing up!

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Why did we have to wait this long for such a simple practical way of enjoying amazing work on mobile? Really Cool
Jerry Cheny
The notion of prompting an action on each image adds accurate value to my ROI. Can't wait to see my tracking stats.
Susan Alexander
I love artsweep as much for my designs, as I love instagram for photos. Thanks for making it!
Michael Ferreira
I like how I can voice my opinion without sharing my name. Too many apps want to link with your identity.
Marco Chiriguayo
The fact that I am forced to swipe yes or no on each image is genius. Not to mention very addicting ;)
Harald Cooper
Great app guys. Cant wait to see the next version which allow tagging and contact info. Please keep me posted.
Tanya Harper

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artSWEEP V1 is currently available for Android devices only. An IOS version with a bunch of new exciting features will be released with V2 early 2015. Submit your contact info below and we will notify you as soon as the app goes live on iTunes.

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Available on all Sumsung, Google Nexus, HTC and LG devices

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Our analytics tool is in beta, and tracking your data will be available very soon.